Contribution Guide

Contribution Guide

Gliver is a free and open source framework so anyone can be part.

Please support Gliver by giving the Gliver repo a star.

You could contribute to the Gliver framework in various ways:

  • Identifying and reporting mistakes in the documentation.
  • Indetifying and reporting bugs in the code.
  • Submitting to fix bugs.
  • Submitting code to build new features.

First, check the issue tracker to see if there is already an open issue about the same thing to avoid duplicate issues.

Through the issue tracker you'll also get to know if some is already working on a similar feature.

If your issue is a completely new, then open a new public thread. I'll see it and give your a go ahead if it's something I think you should be doing.

After that then just, write some code and submit a pull request.