Gliver is a very lightweight and fast MVC framework for writing web applications using PHP.

What is Gliver?

Gliver is a web based PHP mvc framework than enables you to write amazing web applications with minimal code. With Gliver framework you get a very lightweight and fast MVC environment for writing web applications, APIs and web services using PHP.

Designed for developers

The Gliver framework was designed for PHP developers who want enjoy the flexibility PHP offers while still keeping their code organized.

Time saver

Gliver automates all the mundate tasks like url routing, view generation and database connections. This means more time to focus on your application logic.

Easy to customise

Other web frameworks try to enforce their own coding standards. Gliver gives you the flexibility of writing your code your own way, within the standards.


Fast Routing

You can load your urls by just specifying a controller and method pair.

Routes are defined in an array with an ability to pass as many url parameters as you wish.

You can specify a controller, a controller/method pair and parameters to pass when route is accessed.

'user' => 'Home@getUser/id/mode',

'blog' => 'Load/category/id'

Intuitive ORM Model

All the sweat that goes into query generation, keeping track of database connections, error handling has already been automated for you out of the box.

Just call the appropriate inbuilt classes and watch the magic happen.

<?php namespace Controllers;

use Models\UsersModel;

class HomeController extends BaseController {

    public function getProfiles()
        $users = UsersModel::all(); //returns all users

        #... other code goes here


Express View Loader

With the View loader class, you can return any kind of browser response you can imagine.

It's already inbuilt to prepare html responses, json response, pdf e.t.c.

Providing data for compiling your views is also as easy as passing an array as a second parameter

public function home()
    //site title
    $data['title'] = "Gliver - Official Website"; 

    //... loads the home page
    View::render('home', $data); 


Fast Templating...

Want to keep your view files free of PHP code?

Gliver templating engine automates some of the most repeated view generation tasks. Frequent tasks like loops and if statements are abstracted already.

You can also easily include subviews into your main view file without remembering file paths.

    @if(isset($users) AND count($users) > 0)
            @foreach($users as $user)

For a complete documentation of all the functionality available in Gliver framework, please head over to the Gliver docs and give yourself a treat.

Read the Docs


This PHP framework is build by a web developer, Geoffrey Okongo, for use by other web developers and is 100% FREE under The MIT License (MIT).

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