Gliver Framework

Gliver Framework offers you very lightweight and therefore lightning fast MVC environment for writing Web Applications using PHP!

All Controllers are namespaced so you can have as many controllers classes as your application needs without fear of conflicting class names...

Fast Routing

Routing is very first - no classes to instantiate! Routes are defined in an array which gives a miriad of flexibility for configuration. You can specify a controller, a controller/method pair and parameter names to pass when route is accessed. Basically all you need in a route.

Intuitive ORM Model

All the sweat that goes into query generation, keeping track of database connection resources, error handling has already been automated for you out of the box! All you need is provide database settings in the database config file and sit back, relax and watch your queries generated and executed

Express View Loader

Once you have done your data processing, you want to represent this data through a user interface. Your work is done! Why should you go through the hassle of locating your view files and prefilling them with data? All you do is call the View::render() Helper class, pass the file name and data variables to prefill it with, this will load including the embedded views in this file - cool huh?

Glade Templating...

As a developer I know you are sick of seeing PHP code loitered everywhere in the HTML view files - but what options do you have? We have already looked into this. Gliver framework implements a very light weight templating class that is only loaded by one class file and emulates plain HTML. An elegant way of substituting the ECHO command and most LOOPING functions - all for you to enjoy!

Bring In Your Old Code

I know you have that favorite library or class of yours that you use to perform certain repeated tasks or to excecute as a cron job. DON'T take time to think about them - we are not separating you from what you LOVE! Bring that code with you into Gliver. Out of the box, Gliver supports addition of namespaced, psr-4 libraries of code for pasting into the libraries directory and loading these code from your controller never got easier...